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Boys love manga

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We all have our favorite genres, and boy’s love is one of my favorites. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s one of my favorite subjects. The world of boy’s love is rich with possibilities, and there are so many different authors writing about it. There are even subgenres, such as yaoi (male love) and shoujo-ai (rose-coloured love). There’s also the side genre called ecchi (boy romancing videos). I hope you enjoy these recommendations for some great reads by male authors in the boy’s love manga category.

Maho & Komachi: Kokoro no fuchikoma – Megumi Itou (2011)

A pleasant surprise for me was the first entry by Megumi Itou. It’s the story of two childhood friends, one who is a boy and one who is a girl. They are reunited at a young age after being separated as children because of World War II. This is definitely a sweet read that will make you smile while you’re reading it.

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Will & Yumasaki: Te wo Tsuna to watashitachi e izutsu kara – Takahiro Shimono (2011)

This is a romantic comedy manga series written by Takahiro Shimono. The story follows a high school boy and a middle school girl who started dating in middle school and keep dating throughout high school. The series is Illustrated by the award-winning illustrator Shimono. This is definitely an interesting read, and I found myself giggling throughout it.

Hasegawa Haru: Watashi wa muzukkusuku egao de – Yusuke Nishioka (2013)

This is another one of my favorite marriages in the boy’s love manga category. The story follows Haru, a high school boy who returns home to his hometown to live with his father after he is released from a rehab clinic. After a bit of a rocky start, his half-sister, Kosaka Megumi, whom he had not spoken to in years, suddenly shows up in his town. However, she is intent on protecting her younger brother, Kosaka Yumiko, whom she had raised as her own. The two are quite the pair, and the relationship between them is what gives this manga the title.

Chikara & Urayama Ryougi: Izayoi dake no ue ni wa aa-sō na? – Ryūichi Ikeda (2012)

This is another one of my favorite couples in the boy’s love manga category. The story follows high school students Chikara and Urayama Ryougi, who meet at a boys love festival. They are both superstars in their respective sports, and they instantly hit it off during the event. They decide to spend the rest of the day talking, and the rest is history. Ryougi is quite the tomboy, but Chikara is totally fine with it, and the two end up dating after the event.

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Hirasawa Jun & Kurosaki Eijirou: Owarinai no naka de aru mono wa ii-ni-ji-su! – Katsuyuki Konishi (2010)

This is a sweet and slow drama-type relationship manga that follows the three leads, Jun, Eijirhi, and Urayhi. The story takes place in Tokyo, where Jun and Eijirhi have lived for the majority of their lives. However, Eijirhi is in the process of moving to a new city and his new school, so he decides to visit Jun in Tokyo for the first time in a decade. They decide to go to a concert together, and the rest is history.

Shinoda Ryohei & Akashi Isshiki: Koisuru kumo de nani mo nai? ikenai yozutan ni naru? – Shimpei Inagaki (2009)

This is another slow drama-type relationship manga that follows the three leads, Shinoda Ryohei, Akashi Isshhi, and their various friends. The story takes place in Tokyo and follows the various trials and tribulations that all three face as they try to overcome age-related issues and live together.

Oda Eriko, Hanazawa Kana, Uesugi Manami, Satō Kanako, And Other More

This is a group of sweet and heartwarming stories by Eriko Oda, one of my all-time favorite mangaka. The stories are centred on the everyday lives of college students Erihi and Kanako, and they are based on the manga series Kafkaesque. There are also three side-stories related to the main plot, and the best way to enjoy them is to read them in order.

Boys Love Manga: What to Read Next

After you’ve finished reading the recommendations for boys love manga, there are a few genres that I’d highly recommend checking out. These include action adventure, thriller, historical fiction, and more. There are many more genres that exist, and the options are endless.

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If you’re interested in more diverse reading, check out our recommended reading list for books with gay or lesbian content.

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