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10 Boys Love Manhwa Comics You Will Love

Boys Love Manga
10 Boys Love Manhwa Comics You Will Love

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We all have our favorite genres, and boy’s love is one of my favorites. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s one of my favorite subjects. The world of boy’s love is rich with possibilities, and there are so many different authors writing about it. There are even subgenres, such as yaoi (male love) and shoujo-ai (rose-coloured love). There’s also the side genre called ecchi (boy romancing videos). I hope you enjoy these recommendations for some great reads by male authors in the boy’s love manga category.

Shounen ai (boy’s love) manga

Mangaka Yoshitoki Kane/Sakurai has created some of the finest shoujo ai titles, like Nakanai Koutetsu no Shiro, Makai-Kaze, and Chidori. Shounen ai is basically a combination of romance, action, and fantasy, and it’s the perfect subgenre for this list.

Shoujo ai (rose-coloured love) manga

There are basically two subgenres of shoujo ai. One is the typical clean romance, and the other is the more unusual pink-coloured love. Sakurai’s Rin-Rin no Shoujo ai is the perfect example of the former. Sakurai’s work is also known for its strong female characters, many of whom are lesbians.

Jidaigeki ai (detective boys love manhwa)

This is not your typical shoujo ai. In Jidaigeki ai, the boy is the detective, and the girl is the suspect. The detective is always right, and the girl is always the guilty party. The genre was created by Sakurai, who is also well known for his female characters.

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Yaoi ai (male friendship love)

The yaoi ai category is full of interesting titles, and Kishiura’s titles in this subgenre are no exception. Sakurai’s work, among many others, is known for its strong female characters.

Hina Logic: The Final Act!

The final subgenre in the list above is Hina Logic: The Final Act! The plot of this title is incredibly simple: a boy gets an insight into his friend’s relationship with his other half and his friend/boyfriend is in big trouble.

Conclusion – Boys Love Manhwa

There are so many great things about boys’ love: the detailed and love-drenched artwork, the rich, overarching storyline, the diversity of the genres, and of course, the endless supply of loveable characters. This list of 50 boys love manga is a great place to start if you’re looking for something new to read, or to add to your collection.

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10 Boys Love Manhwa Comics You Will Love

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